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How to tackle this lake

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Looking for advice on some tackle strategies for a semi private lake located in Alabama that I recently got access to. It's roughly 90 acres in size with a 80% developed shoreline.  Lots of docks and tied up pontoon boats.  A little bit of grass in some areas but not substantial, some trees and bushes but again not substantial.  I have no idea how deep the lake is, but right off my friend's dock it's about 10-12 feet.  Lake was created in the 70s by damming up a creek.  It's stocked with shad, fertilized, and has a sizable population of sunfish, crappie, bass, and catfish from what I've seen/caught.  Water is almost always green with around 3 feet of visibility.  Pretty sure the lake bottom is mud/vegetation for the most part.  


I've fished it a half dozen times now with mixed results. There are big bass in here, I've heard reports of people catching them up to 10 lbs and I caught a 6 lber on my 3rd outing.  It gets a bit of pressure but nothing serious and everyone is supposed to release all bass caught. I usually do pretty well with senkos, but I'm having a hard time with most moving baits and top waters.  While catching bass with senkos is better than no fish at all, I would like to have some success with other artificials.  What kind of tackle would y'all plan on using in this lake in the early summer?Kqog9zp.png9ZU58BD.jpg?1

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Whenever you look at any new water, first look at the water clarity.  This will determine what tactics work best.  Clear water means light line, top water and finesse baits.  Dark or cloudy water means spinnerbaits, rattle traps and paddle tail worms. When fishing a small lake you have an easier task as the fish can't get away from you.  I would concentrate on the weedy areas first.  Are there any boat docks or structure in this lake?  How about culvert pipes?  I fished many small residential lakes when I was a kid and some of them were great.  Golf course ponds can also have great bass fishing. Good Luck!

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