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Twist Lock Flukes

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I'm an avid fluke fisherman, fishing the 5" zoom super fluke in the river.  I want to say I've noticed this before, but really caught my attention the other day.  I threw on a weighted EWG 4/0 twistlock hook, as I was fishing some heavy current(recently fishing a 3/0 weighted EWG hook not twist lock not missing any fish) Anyways once I put that twistlock on I could not set the hook on a fish to save my life and the hook would never set out of the fluke.  Happened about 4 times in 10 minutes on decent fish.  anyone else ever have this problem(I set the tick out of the bait, I use fireline, and I bring my hook all the way out and only bury the tip in the back of the fluke)  anyways any advise would be greatly appreciated

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That happens when the fish are slapping or swiping at the fluke. What works when that happens is to either rig with a treble or use a floating style hard jerkbait and work it fast, jerk, jerk, jerk, 1 second pause and repeat. I will also tell you that in my experience it happens more with the weighted version but in heavy current you sometimes don't have a choice. I use the Owner Twistlock Light, a 2/0 for the 4" version and a 4/0 for the 5" and it has been the best fluke hook I could have asked for but when the fish swipe at that bait it is very hard to get a hook into them, lately anglers have been putting rivet bodies in the nose of flukes and swim baits and then threading the line through the rivet body and then tying to a split ring with a treble hook attached. The treble hook will get a good number of those fish that are just swiping, but for me, a floating Rogue, or Bagley Minnow B worked really fast will get the job done.

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The Owner Twistlock light mentioned above is the same hook I use fishing soft jerkbaits (3/0).  When additional weight is needed I prefer a nail weight inserted into the bait.




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bought some owner twist locks, they actually seemed to work better than the other brands(By Far).  Thanks for the input, the owner hooks even make more sense when looking at how the hook would actually set compared to gamakatsu

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