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Dobyns Drop Shot Rod - Fury 662SF?

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Hey guys,
I'm relatively new and have been building my arsenal of gear. I have a preference towards finesse fishing and am often fishing from my kayak. I had done research and thought that a 2 power Dobyns would be the right choice. I decided on the Dobyns Fury 662SF but am wondering if I made a mistake going with the 6'6" instead of the 702SF. I did not notice until after that Dobyns had rated the 702SF for drop shot techniques but the 662SF is almost an entire different application.

The 662SF is rated for darterheads, shakey heads and tubes as far as techniques go and the 702SF is rated for the same 3 (darterheads, shakey heads and tubes) as well as drop shots. I foolishly did not notice the different in recommended techniques between the 2 rods.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience and can tell me if the 702SF and the 662SF are markedly different? Would I be okay with the 662SF for drop shotting? I do prefer the shorter rods when fishing from the kayak and bank fishing, which is what I primarily do, but not at the expense of using improper equipment.

Thanks for any help guys

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I think they added the drop shot technique cause of the length it seems most like to drop shot with longer rods.


Also the longer rod with same power and action will be a little more limber then a shorter rod with same specs the shorter rod will seem stiffer (not much). Think about it this way if you take 2 sticks from a tree same thickness and all but one is 1ft long and the other is 3ft long the longer stick will have more and be easier to flex then the shorter one. Which is also why the 661sf is rated for drop shots also.


also keep in mind that these are just suggested techniques... use what ever rod you feel comfortable with using some people like different things. Like jig fishing some like a real stiff rod like a veritas other like a little more flex

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