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just purchased a lowrance  elite 7ti.  can.t find a way to mount to trolling motor.  this unit has the totalscan transducer.  would appreciate any help in locating a trolling motor mount (or way to mount it myself) without paying $200.00 plus.  Thanks for any info you might have.

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I have the 5 on my jon boat TM and did my usually redneck engineering.  Scuffed the bottom of the TM with some 60 grit.  Used some duct tape and heavy paper to make me a pocket/mold about 3/4" deep to hold some body filler.  Since I didn't want this to be a permanent mount I put a heavy coat of Johnson's paste wax on the transducer for a release agent.  I put the body filler in my pocket and then pressed the transducer down in.  If you don't trust the wax, you can place a piece of Saran Wrap on top of the body filler and then press the transducer in but I've never had anything stick to the wax.  I use it as a release agent when glass bedding my rifle actions and a number of other things and nothing has ever struck to it.  Then I use a couple heavy duty tie wraps around it to hold it in place and tie wrap the cable to the shaft going up, leaving enough of a loop at the at the joint for it to turn,

I don't think I would use any other type of mount because of the size of the transducer.  I've knocked off too many of even the small ones to trust a bolt on mount.  I also use this method to mount any transducer on a TM because of the fact just about any other method gets them broken off.

As for getting the body filler off the TM later, you can knock it off with a little work.

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