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I still can't believe it.

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Welp, Went bass fishing at my local lake and got more than i asked for, That's for sure!

This guy saw my senko and nailed it, I wanted to unhook him and let him go but he wanted no parts and ended up breaking my off line keeping the hook and worm.

I tried to help him get back into the lake after i took the picture but just wanted to roll back into the lake and swam away.


I ended up getting this bass on a green pumpkin black flake senko and a bait hook.

He wasn't going anywhere, That's for sure.

He was easy to get off and get him back into the water once i got pass the barb.


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Those torpedo-looking beasts have to be the rudest fish in any lake! The little beggars have absconded with lures, Texas rigs, even jigs. Frankly, I almost prefer it when they do - I hate having to deal with all those teeth!! I figure that from the past two years they owe me $176.89 for hardware.


On the other hand, that bass made it all worthwhile! And just wait until one of his older siblings lights you up. Ain't nuthin' better!

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