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G-Loomis fiber blend rod

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I was at my local bait shop and they had a Top water 802 fiber blend Loomis rod.(the reddish colored ones)  it's 6'9" m fast.  Are these decent rods.  I'm not familiar with them at all or any Loomis rods for that matter.  The rod is $245 On Loomis website but the local shop has it marked down to 160. So the price is right but what about the rod.  I will be using it for strictly Top water poppers like splashits pop x and pop max

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They are excellent rods!! I have a Bronzeback spinning rod that is not a GLX model, the rod has nice sensitivity with a great action, light tip with solid backbone. The topwater rod you are looking at was made specifically for those types of baits and that is a great deal so I'd grab it. The thing I noticed about rods in the "fiber blend" series is they have a tad bit more weight, not like the GL2 but still a little heavier, probably close to a GL3. I think at full price it is a good rod but at $160 it is a no brainer and hard to beat.

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No downside at that price, my top water doubles as a swimbait rod and it is an e6x that retails for about the same....just make sure it is rated for the weights you plan on throwing 

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