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Having a blast since I started using plastics

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Well, after 2 months of skunk city, I have a 5 day streak going...even caught a gill on a 7 inch yum worm...and 2...TWO turtles.


The latest bass, first cast to a laydown and it hit, I wasn't really ready lol...missed it. Cast right back same spot, another hit, missed it. then again.

So I tried another overhanging branch for a few casts, and went back to the first one. It hit and I hooked it. Crazy. Then caught two dinks and 2 turtles. Moved to the pond across the street (haven't caught anything there but a 4 foot gator that gave me a run for my money. It even ate a bobber and kept coming after my weightless fluke. It attacked it and after I realized it wasn't a bass hung up in the thick weeds, cut the line. Then retied and caught a gill on the yum worm. 


So I feel like I got my mojo back, and FINALLY learned something about using plastics...Mainly from reading posts and articles here. 


5 day streak, tomorrow I'll try to make it 6.

If anyone from around here wants to bank fish with me, let me know. It's a great little quiet spot behind a business park, and the workers there come out and feed the turtles. We strike up some great conversation too. I have a few other places also, and I'd love to meet some local fishing buddies!

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Keep at it, confidence in what your doing has a lot to do with your success rate.  You will continue to get better regardless of what your throwing.  Believe in the bait and concentrate on the little things.  Only good things will happen.


i would love to fish with you if we were 300 miles closer. Good luck buddy!

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Yeah man...my confidence bait has always been spinnerbaits. I made a goal to learn soft plastics this summer. The 2 months of whiffing every hookup was painful!



The more i throw soft plastics the more i "get it".


Lord knows how many bass have picked it up, swam around, went for drinks, rook a nap then spit it out with me none the wiser...lol...


But now i see that line move or twitch and i reel down, feel the fish and do a nice sweep hookset. Gaining confidence every day on flukes and senkos. Even lizards...


My wife went bass fishing for the first time and landed a 5lb lm on a spinnerbait. That day I caught a 12 incher and a (don't laugh) 6 incher. She handled the big one well. It blew up on the spinnerbait 2 feet out. As she was reeling faster to lift it over the weedbed. She grew up in Montana fishing for salmon and trout and she was impressed with how hard a bass will nail a spinnerbait!

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