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New Pflueger President, New Lagoon, Big Fun

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A few weeks ago when my son and I were biking to one of our fishing spots his pole slipped and fell between the spokes of his front wheel and he sheered off the stem of his Daiwa reel. So you know what that means? Time for Dad to get a new reel and hand down the old reel!


I debated and debated whether or not to buy my first baitcaster. I agonized over it for a few weeks, but in the end I opted for a spinning reel. My previous reel was a Pfleuger Trion (35) and not only did I really like it, I trusted it. So this time I bought a Pflueger President in the 40 size. To say that I'm happy with that purchase would be an understatement.


This reel is so smooth (compared to anything else I've ever thrown) that it's ridiculous. Because we bank fish on lagoons where access is problematic casting distance is an important factor to reach areas where the fish are hanging out. With a simple flick of the wrist my Whopper Plopper 90's cover unbelievable distance. The Whopper Plopper 130's? I can cast those into the next county! I have the reel paired with a 6'6" MH Ugly Stick and have no problems with accuracy. Well, to be honest, "touch" is a bit of an issue right now. This reel is so smooth that I've thrown past my desired landing point on more than one occasion but that's just adapting to the new reel.


Yesterday I was checking Google Earth and found a "new" lagoon surrounded by dense woods that was within 100 yards of two lagoons we regularly fish. So today we biked out there to take a look. There were dense trees surrounding the lagoon but I managed to found one spot that was kind of accessible. Nearby were downed trees in the water and weed cover. Bass nirvana! But with trees on the left, trees on the right, bushes under foot, and trees hanging over top and over the water it was like trying to cast down a tunnel through a set of French doors. What made me a bit uncomfortable was that this narrow spot was located down a slope and there was no clear path back up. Not to beat a dead horse here, but we have lots of gators around and I like to have a quick exit if its needed. But it was worth a shot.


I tied on my Senko and flipped a cast and BOOM - two pounder on the first cast. With room for only one to fish I moved over and let my son take a cast and BOOM - another two pounder. Two casts, two fish. I left him to that spot while I headed around the lagoon and found another small opening. This time I put on a craw and on the first cast BOOM - yet another two pounder. This was fun!


Now I wanted to see if I could land something bigger so I set up my Whopper Plopper 130 and - nothing. A gator was a little interested in what was going on but he left both me and the lure alone. Downsized to a WP 90 and still nothing. Tried a frog and a chatterbait and still nothing. Then I hear my son yelling and he came running over. He was fishing a Senko and something snapped his 15lb test fluorocarbon line. For some reason he didn't want to re-tie and fish anymore so I went back to his spot. I tried most everything and couldn't get a hit where he had the action. Went back to the WP 130 and casted it a mile across the lagoon under a tree along teh bank and landed another 2 pounder. By then it was getting dark so we packed up and went home.


I know that two pounders aren't all that exciting, but in this area in these lagoons they are decent sized fish. And lately with the blazing heat we've been catching mostly dinks. We've caught some 3 and 4 pounders in other lagoons in this system, but have yet to land anything above that. But I think we have a shot at something bigger in this lagoon. While there was some evidence of someone fishing there at some point, it's a pretty big lagoon without much access. We're going to head out tomorrow and try and scout the other side, but from our vantage point it was heavily wooded everywhere. I just might have to bring my big bolo machete and a saw...

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It sounds like you are an awesome DAD!!!  The memories you and your son are making will last forever for both of you.  Today we too often think money is the most valuable commodity,  the truth is TIME is the most valuable commodity. Since you are "spending: yours with him, he naturally learns he is the most important thing in your lives.

I turned 55 this month and can barely remember my really early youth, but I remember the first time my DAD and Grandpa took me fishing. I remember catching my first fish, a bluegill. I also remember a bad cast that day that caught my own jacket hood! LOL.


Keep spending that time, I agree I think you will end up with a big one soon.  Good Fishing.

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