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Jim Sutter

Sebile Magic Swimmer

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Today, I took my wife shopping. While she was shopping for what she wanted I went shopping at a Sporting Goods store. I came across a lure made by Sebile called Magic Swimmer. Some of the boxes said slow sinking and some said fast sinking. What can you tell me about this lure? Should I purchase them or not.? If you think I should get these lures, should I get the fast or slow sinking version.

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If the price is right get one of each but the slow sink will do the job the best. I got one 5 years ago or so and I'll admit I didn't do well with it.....At first. It may be different for you depending on location but in my waters it seems to be really good when the water temp gets to the upper 50s to about 65 or so and then it isn't as effective. I know what you are thinking, most lures at that time work well and that is true but with the magic swimmer the average size went way up over other baits. What I noticed is a slow steady retrieve for a few cranks followed by a pause and 2 jerks, as if fishing a jerkbait, seems to be the best for my waters, and the reason I added the jerks was because that lure draws the fish to it and you'll see a lot of followers but if you just pop it on slack line it will turn sideways and they end up hitting it when that happens. If I'm throwing a spinnerbait or chatterbait and I'm getting a lot of small to average size fish a switch to a hard swimbait like a magic swimmer and it doesn't take long to realize the larger fish like that but you have to give the rod a pop every now and again to trigger the strike. BTW, the discontinued Storm Kickin' Stick and the lipped Swimmin Stick are very good as well but just like the magic swimmer they work best mid Spring and Mid Fall.

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That's some wonderful information. Thank you. I will pick up a couple of these lures later this week. You take care and have a wonderful day.

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