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Crestliner TC 19 pro edition

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Good evening folks, do any of you have any experience with these? 

My wife and I have been fishing together for 35 years and better than 25 of those we've owned a boat, three to be exact, one glass and two aluminum. We've always liked our deep V aluminums, but now that the kids are all gone, we're looking at buying one more. 

I have a Crestliner deep v now that we purchase new in 06 but we're going to get something with bigger decks. My Crestliner has been a champ with absolutely no issues, so naturally I'm looking at them again. I've found a new TC 19 pro edition at a good price and good trade for mine, but I can't seem to find much real world experience reviews on them. Can find all kinds of reviews and opinions  on the VT series,  

So, do any of you have any experience with these? If so, tell me about it. I've narrowed it down between this boat or a Ranger RT198C. 


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I had a VT 19 for six years and never had a single problem. TC is the same boat without some of the bells and whistles. personally, I would opt for the VT. I think the TC is rated for 115 while the VT is 150. sold mine for a PT 18 which I'll put up against the Ranger, Tracker, or any other tin except for maybe Xpress. 

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