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Asheville NC area bassin'

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The wife and I are relocating to Asheville from the Seattle area where smallmouth dominate. Based on my initial research, I'm seeing that bronzes and trout are also the dominant species in western NC, but there doesn't seem to be much info on largemouth. I highly doubt the largie populations could be any worse than they are in WA State, but I can't seem to find much info. I have to sell my boat before we move, but I'll pick up an aluminum ASAP. Any suggestions for small water fisheries or those accessible from shore would be greatly appreciated. Truthfully, any info on the area at all would be great. Thanks!


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I'm from eastern NC but I can try to help a little. Lake Norman is a huge lake that's maybe an hour to two hour drive from Asheville.


Its located right outside Charlotte

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asheville is a nice place, i grew up in western nc and then lived in charlotte for about 10 years.  i wouldn't put much into lake norman, too far to drive from asheville for the rather lousy fishing it has to offer.  

lake james isn't too far away and is a very nice scenic lake, it's very clear and was tough fishing when i went, but may be something you're used to coming from WA.  a little west of asheville you'll find some incredible mountain lakes like junaluska, bear lake, wolf lake, and glenville is a phenomenal lake that has a healthy population of largemouth and smallmouth.

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