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Need some opinions on replacing a rod...

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I've used a Falcon BuCoo SR 6'10 Heavy/Fast as my "go to" for fishing the slop for a while now.  Initially, I was looking for a new rod for fishing Texas rigs and jigs 3/8oz and up.  I never realized, until recently, how much lighter Falcon Rods feel than others.  There's MH rods by others that feel heavier than a Heavy Falcon. 


My question is...should I replace the Falcon with a new H/F rod and use the Falcon as my Jig rod?  Or continue using it as I do now and just purchase a new Jig rod?

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A father son team I know is big on Falcon, they are nice and light in the hand, most models balance well, but they are a touch light on power, at least in the tip, not a problem if that's what you like. I'm a St. Croix guy naturally, being from WI. They run stiffer usually, except the newest run of sc3 mojo and avid x rods, which I feel are a bit softer than their past counterparts. I recently picked up the newest version of the Abu Garcia Vendetta 7' MH casting just as another utility rod...im currently using it for jigs and Texas rigged pit boss style baits, I'd be lying if I didn't say I like it a lot. Balances well, plenty of power, it's plenty sensitive in my hands, feels quite close to the last Veritas 2.0, which I never owned but have used. I feel like the action is more accurate than previous versions, for $80 I think it's worth it.

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