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Best Bass Fishing day of my Life!

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I was going to take my kayak to my normal lake but was getting a late start so I headed to the little suburban 5 acre pond behind my daughters house in a suburban subdivision.  Surrounded by houses but filled with bass.......boy was that the right decision.  The pond is basically an oval shaped bowl, Mostly flat bottomed 5-6 feet deep with a quick rise to the bank.  A lot of weeds within 15 feet of shore, a few thick lily pad patches.  When I got there the water level was down about 6-8 inches with almost zero visibility due to an algae bloom.  After a few casts in the usual spots I headed to the far end.  A street runs along that end and the shoreline is rock that runs down to the bottom.  In the middle is a grated inlet with a metal grate.  Drainage from the subdivision runs into the pond there.  I figured, lack of weeds and some fresh, cooler water may make it a good spot.  So I started throwing wacky rigged Senko's.   I went through about 7-8 Senko's of various colors, apparently color didn't matter as in the next couple of hours I caught around 25 bass.  Probably a few more but I literally lost count.  They ranged from 12 inches to 21 inches.  Other than the 12 inch fish the rest were all over 15 inches.  At one point on consecutive casts it went 21, 19, 18, 19!  Here's the 21". 


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Nice!   Gotta love hitting those little unpressured ponds, can make for a real fun day.  I fished a similar spot one time a while back and I don't think the fish had ever seen a hollow-bodied frog.  I think I got blowups on 20 straight casts or something ridiculous. 

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Today I was actually thinking that after I caught a bunch I should have switched to a hollow body frog just to practice setting the hook if they were hitting it. 

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