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Afternoon with the dog

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Since the wife was gone yesterday for a girls day out, the dog and I decided to hit the river in the afternoon since it clouded up. We fished the Shenandoah in multiple spots around Molten Park area with the kayak. I had two rigs set up in the back of the kayak. A small yellow and orange crank bait and a white whopper plopper. The water was dirty with no visibility after two feet deep. The topwater was the lure of the day. I did not catch anything over 17", but the numbers were decent. I also had a lot of blow ups and misses. The crank bait had two or three misses but nothing major. I am not sure why they did not seem to want this crank bait. A crayfish rattle trap might have been the better bet for for the deeper dirty water. As the evening got later and later the bigger the fish I seemed to get. I even noticed them chasing minnows more which was not happening when I first went out. Unfortunately, I had to call it an early night and stop the night fishing outing due to forgetting the pups food bag. It was so peaceful, I finally found an area where no one was around and the water was glass, but, I made sure the lab had his food. 


It was a great evening out. The picture of the dog is what he thinks when I loose a fish. 

Boston fishing.jpg

bass 2.jpg

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