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My year in review...so far

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Worst year of fishing for me in a while. I haven't even caught one on a frog this year. That's my go to topwater bait. My two biggest fish this year were both 3# on the nose. If I have one takeaway this season it's I've finally gotten confident with spinning gear. I also found a new love in pitching. This year wasn't a total waste,but more of growing year for me. I learned alot about slowing down and having patience. It's not all about power fishing anymore. I'd say I rounded myself off quite a bit. I spent a lot of time on the finesse side of fishing. I also realized that I didn't need 30 setups to do what I do. I don't need every bait in every color either. I completely downsized my tackle and sold off setups that do the same as another. Kept everything that worked and gave away any bait that didn't. I feel lighter. I may not be completely pleased with the amount of fish, however I am grateful for the learning experience this year has been. You guys are all a part of my fishing journey as I spend more time talking to you than most. I'm grateful for this website for opening my eyes to the little things and helping me keep it basic. I plan on slaying them this fall so stay tuned.I thank you. 

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Hopefully learning new techniques will help you in the future.

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