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16 ft mirroCraft console What can I do

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I am new to the forum and also new to boating :)


I just bought a 16 ft mirrocraft laker with console

It has a 35 hp johnson on the back that I just got working after it sat for 5 years.


I am interested in putting a deck or 2 on the boat for casting and seats.

I was thinking of just putting the decks over the seats so the center of gravity would not be too high.


My question is about he front Cap (not sure what it is called)

Can I drill out the rivets and leave the very front cap where the boat meets?

the front cap is very large probably about 2.5 feet deep so it takes up a lot of room.


If I remove it will the boat be unsafe?

Should I just build the deck on the middle and rear?


Thanks in advance for the answers.


Sorry here is another pic to show how big it is


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First off, leave the bow the way it is regardless whether you add a deck or not. The addition of running lights, or a bow mounted    TM will make you happy you didn't.

Second, I want to talk you out of the idea of adding a deck in the first place.  I'll tell you why.  I had a very similar boat, a 16ft. Alumicraft with a modified V-hull that I added a front deck too. It was not a stable platform to fish from and even if I sat on a short pedestal, any movement from my partner would toss me overboard until I educated him about warning me before making any sudden movements ( it wasn't hard, I just had him sit up front and proceeded to reach over and pick up my pliers.  Did I mention he can't swim?) I digress...... Your center of gravity is going to be too high even if you only run the deck on top of the bench seats.

What I'd recommend is adding a carpeted floor down the center third from the front bench to the back one. You'll accomplish the goal of having a flatand stable surface to stand on while casting, you'll only be adding a couple of inches to your overall center of gravity and the carpeting will deaden the sound of your shuffling around from being transmitted through the hull.  You could even add the floor and then carpet the sides and it together to give in a more uniform look. 

If you're certain that you'll be the only one fishing from the boat, you could try the board over the bench seat scenario before securing it.

It's your boat, tailor it to what you want.

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You bring up a good point I would be pretty high out of the water with the deck on top of the seats.

What about removing the front bench but leaving the bow to create a larger platform.

I also wanted to add storage to the boat.

Could I remove the front bench and leave the bow

Then create a floor like you said, and add a couple pedestal seats?


I will be fishing with probably 2 other people

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The problem would be securing the floor, it's below the water line, to support you're sitting on a pedestal seat. A floor to walk and stand on could be spot secured with epoxy. You'd need much more secure mounting for what you mention.  Are the benches riveted in place, or tac welded? Removing rivets puts you in the same situation with holes at, or near the water line.

What about that area under the bow for storage?  The other thing, if you really want swivel seats is to add them to the bench.  They even make removeable mounts.   just some things to think about.

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