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Daiwa Exceller Spinning reel reviews?

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I need a new 4000 spinning reel and have the urge to buy a daiwa this time around. I notice the Procyon is around the $100 mark, The Feugo which looks awesome is roughly $65, but I can't help but notice the Exceller is only $40-50 and if I remember correctly, these were once much more expensive right?


Also, anyone use the Revros? I held one when Gander Mountain was closing out all their stuff, but the only combo they had left was an ultralight. The Revros felt really nice, is the Exceller a good choice for $50 or is it worth going up to the Fuego or even the Procyon. 


The Ballistic is hovering in the $120 range so I am doing my best not to go there. Any Daiwa Spinning reel feedback appreciated. 

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I have a Daiwa Exceller 4000 that is a solid performer that delivers the goods . When I bought mine it was $70.

The higher price 4000 series spinning reels can be lighter , smoother , more ball bearings , etc. but if you take care of the Exceller with semi - regular clean and lube it will take care of you . I have mine on a 7' MH fast rod with #20 lb. braid that I use for bombing a whopper plopper 90 with .

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I currently own and use an Exceler 2000, a Fuego 2500, and a Procyon 2500.


I started using the Exceler on my jerkbait setup and caught several large fish over 4 pounds when using it. I found that the drag system was smooth but it didn't react well when I used it in rainy conditions. I currently use the reel on my UL setup and have it spooled with 4lbs fluorocarbon. While going for panfish I have tangled with the odd musky and pike and the drag has proven its worth time and time again. The reel functions really well and for the price point I think you're getting a great bang for your buck.


I use the Fuego on my finesse setup with straight 6lbs fluorocarbon and am very happy with it. It's incredibly smooth thanks to the 9 ball bearings, and the drag gives me enough confidence to throw shakey heads under docks where I'm pulling out large smallmouth which love to pull and go airborne even when they're under the dock. The only thing is the handle took a bit of getting used to but I've grown to appreciate it and haven't lost any fish because of its design. The smoothness of retrieve really helps me when I spybait in the fall too.


The Procyon has become my go to spinning reel. The drag is awesome, it's smooth as heck, but the biggest feature for me is the magsealed technology used to keep the elements out of the gearing. I fish in every weather condition imaginable and this reel holds up to it all without any adverse impacts. To me it's well worth the extra money, but I understand everyone has a budget they want to stick to.


If you can afford to do so, I would say if you could get used to the handle on the Fuego then go that route. The corrosion resistant ball bearings will help ensure the smooth operation of your reel for many years to come.

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