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Have a fishing trip the first week of September..

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Hey everyone! Hope your weeks are starting off well!


As the title States, I have a fishing trip next month. Heading to Orr Minnesota and fishing pelican lake!

They've got largies, smallies, walleye and northern!

I have no idea what the water clarity is and I've also never messed around in a lake this size, letalone fishing in a boat will be different


What do you guys think they will be munching on the beginning of next month? Will it be in the summer/fall translation? I'm worried it's going to be during the thermocline that I've seen videos of!

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Find cover with good depth and fish a jig.

Pelican is a great lake but finesse fishing will only get you mediocre bites. Find pads find Reeds with wind blowing in on them in Minnesota you got to find the best cover and fish a solid big-sized bait and work work work you will get the big bites.

Up here in the fall it's all about fishing a Jag in the best cover relentlessly if you want big fish you can spend the same amount of time chasing small fish and get the same amount of bites

Whenever you do do not finesse fish these fish are not pressured there are large amounts of 5 plus pound fish you just need to commit to get in the right bite 3 setups swim jig grass jig 3/4 Oz and a spinnerbait for low light conditions you might even get a topwater bite. If you want numbers you can go out there and do whatever you want but honestly you can catch the same numbers fishing a jig anywhere you find good cover next deep water

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