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Richmond Virginia Bassmasters Seeking New Members

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Richmond Virginia Bassmasters is seeking new members, boaters and nonboaters for 2018.


Please PM me if you are interested.



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We changed our tournament format last night in order to have more fun fishing and saving money.


Here is what we did:


With boaters and nonboaters fishing against each other, the atmosphere in some bass boats was not positive.

In addition, we have a lot of guys who have never fished with other club members.

After a long discussion on Roger's “team concept” motion, the club is going to reform our tournament profile.

So what is going to happen? By the numbers so as not to confuse you:

  1. There will be a team draw for each tournament with two club members in one boat forming a partnership.
  2. Whose boat to use will be decided between the partners.
  3. How much of a gas fee to pay the boater will be decided between the partners.
  4. You can fish by yourself only one time.
  5. If the two guys like to fish with each other they can form their own team for region tournaments.
  6. The two guys will each receive the same points for each tournament.

This setup will allow us to fish with more club members to get to know each other better and avoid the back boating and hurt feelings that occur in the bass tournaments.


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