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Different uses for a 6'6" MHF WJS spinning rod?

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Besides the obvious.  I have an original Cielo spinning rod that hasn't been used in several years.  It is probably the best looking rod (and most expensive per MSRP) of any rod I own.  However, it doesn't get used because I really like baitcasters.  Next year I plan on breaking out a couple spinning rods to learn Ned rig and drop shot fishing.  I'd like to use the Cielo for something.  I just have a hard time trying to think of something to use it for that I wouldn't prefer to use a baitcast reel for.  Rating is 10-17# and 1/8-1 oz.  Currently has an Advantage 2000A spooled with 30# braid.


I could...and may...use it for its designated purpose, but I have several casting rods that I want to experiment with next year to see which is more sensitive.  All are casting rods.  I suppose adding one more rod to the mix wouldn't hurt.


Anyway, I am hoping to get some unusual suggestions from you guys and gals.  :teeth:

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