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Question about Go-get-it lure retriever

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Hey everyone.  First of all, this thing is awesome, and it's already paid for itself.  I just have a question about the top part. I sent this question to the manufacturer the other day, but haven't heard back yet, so I thought I'd ask you all:  does the top part pop off with some force?  I'm not sure if mine broke or the top part is supposed to spin freely. I know there is a pin that keeps the metal rod from pushing into the plastic top, but I wasn't sure if this connection was permanently attached.  I can provide a picture if needed - do any of you have this and can you provide some input?  My concern is that the top will eventually fall off if I pull it on something too hard (like tangled fishing line). 

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Ok, so I finally got a reply from the manufacturer.  Long story short, is no the top should not come off and it was supposed to be secured.  Not sure if I get a defective one, but the top came off quite easily - I'm sure it's something I can just cement/epoxy back together to keep it secure, but I did request whatever would address the issue from the manufacturer.  I think it may be a plastic cap of sorts that goes on the top extension rod that connects to the roll pin in the head.  Let's see what they say.  


Edit - The unit was indeed defective but the manufacturer resolved the issue smoothly after sending them picture of my retriever - the top pole did not have a full drill hole for the roll-pin to go through when it should have.  Great customer service and great product - things are sometimes defective but as long as the manufacturer resolves things when they legitimately are, then hey, nothing to really complain about. 

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