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Lowrance Hook vs. Elite Boat placement

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Hey guys, so I'm new to the "Bass Boat" world, I've been fishing bass out of my 14' Jon Boat for 12 years up until last year I bought myself a 1998 ranger 519VS. When I purchased the original owner had an Elite 7 Ti on the bow, I put a hook 7 at the council, mainly for a GPS/Map. When I purchased the previous owner did not have the totalscan transducer for the elite. I really wanted Structure Scan / Down Scan so I recently purchased the totalscan transducer. That leads to my dilemma, I'm looking for advice on where to place my transducer / units. I was originally thinking of getting one of the mounts for the Totalscan and mounting right to my trolling motor, but will that mess with the sonar/image when fishing and the motor turning left to right when I'm making adjustments?  Second thought was run the Totalscan transducer all the way to the stern, but if I do that how will that effect what I'm seeing on the sonar compared to the actual water I'm fishing off the bow? Last thought it throw the elite on my council, and the hook up front, I wouldn't be fishing with the totalscan but I would be able to drive around and find some spots and go back to them. Lastly is there a way to link my Hook and Elite so the way points save on both? Sorry for the overload just have been thinking a lot and looking for some advice if anyone has done any of these options.



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