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Wellllll it's been a long time coming... I finally got a yak. She's not a beauty contest winner but floats and is large enough and has enough features to make me happy. Since I sold my boat and moved to Fort Myers, Florida, I've been dying to get off the shore. So the day is finally here where I can get ON the water...


Some tips on where to go is what I'm looking for. I'm so new to this area and also new to Yak fishing so I'm in need of all the help I can get. I don't want your HOT SPOT but I would greatly appreciate tips on where to go for Largies or saltwater as well.


I do not like bottom fishing. I prefer to fish on-the-move and not sit still. If I'm in salt water I like to use live shrimp and actively target (structure) cast them. I prefer, however, to go for largies.


Thanks for any useful information!

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Congrats on the Yak. You can try the Local Fishing Forums in the menu to see if they can answer your question.

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Congrats and good luck! @boostr is right, hit up the local

forum for questions on where to go in your area.


And be safe!! Wear your PFD at ALL times! Don't be *that*

guy who thinks he's a good enough swimmer he doesn't 

need to wear one... :) 

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My brother in law and his wife are moving to the North side of Ft Myers area. So I did some research because my wife and I will take a few trips down to see them and of course I intend to haul our boat as well. The river that runs through the area, the Caloosahatchee River, boy I had to look that one up for spelling LOL, drains water from lake Okeechobee to the ocean at the west end of Fort Myers.  The closer you go to the big O the fresher it is. There is a dividing line between more fresh and more tidal influenced water along the way.  I was thinking of launching my aluminum bass boat somewhere near the town of La Belle. Here the river is not as wide and it has plenty of canals and back water areas to explore.

Check out this Scott Martin you tube video of him and his mom launching in that area top fish. There are lots of other options, it is just that one caught my eye. My boat is a 17 1/2 foot aluminum and I really would rather not contend with the big cabin cruisers you will likely see all around the saltier area of Fort Myers. 

I hope that gives you a place to start. Of course I expect some secret fishing info when we make our trip down! LOL.

If I was you i would do some research on the waterway using things like Google Earth for locations and study the water information using the free  Navionics webap,     https://webapp.navionics.com/   This combination of resources is an excellent starting point to find new fishing spots no matter what part of the country you live in. I use it everytime I go to a new lake, or I am laying out my game plan for a fishing trip on waters I know well.

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