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Atomic Tubes - Amazing for Small Bass

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I'm always posting questions for experienced guys to answer, so thought should I'd actually contribute something...


This last summer through winter I've been having a lot of success on the Berkley Powerbait Atomic Tubes for small bass in ponds.


They are tiny (1/16 or 1/32) and cast kind of poorly, even on 6 lb mono (maybe should go to 4 lb or even less).  I've thought of adding a spit shot or maybe a float to improve castability.


These have been incredibly effective for catching small bass in virtually all conditions.  I tried them on a whim: they often get nailed on the fall, or twitched very gently near bottom.  They also will get nailed just twitched on the retrieve back.  Every color seems to work equally well.  I'm fishing stained water.


I'm not talking about tournament fishing here, or even targeting big bass.


Half of my fishing is taking kids to have a good time and learn to fish, and they've been a great substitute for live bait.  


Definitely something I would put in the cart for relatively inexperienced anglers looking to get their first bass or build confidence under tough conditions.



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One of my favorite Crappie and stocker Trout soft baits  I use them on a slip bobber rig and grasshopper is my favorite pattern. When my brother came back from Service in Afghanistan, I took him to a mountain lake with that rig.  He lost count after 20......

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