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Calcific Bursitis

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Just figured I'd throw this out there and see if any of you have experienced this. I have been having an awful time with my right shoulder (of course, my dominant hand/arm). It started as a nagging pain last spring but I just figured it was old age starting to creep up on me (I'm 44), take a couple of Advil, grin and bear it but it started to intensify slowly and by late Fall I was in excruciating pain whenever I moved my right arm. I went to the doctor and they took an ultrasound and it came back as Calcific Bursitis. My doctor gave me a cortisone shot and after a week it finally kicked in and I felt fine for the next 2-3 months but just before Christmas I could feel a little pain every now and again and it has gradually gotten worse until now I am right back to where I was (if not in more pain), everything hurts, sleeping is a struggle since I'm in pain whenever I move plus I'm usually a side sleeper (the right side of course), taking a shower in the mornings is painful but the worst part is I can't even pick up my 7 year old son without being in pain...even driving is problematic as I have to make a concerted effort to get my right arm to do what I want it to do as my body is trying to keep it from moving too much so it doesn't cause me pain. I made the casting motion the other day and the pain was instant...there's no way I could fish right now as casting would be painful and performing a hookset would be agony. You can't live on Advil popping it like candy or you'll have stomach/liver problems. Luckily I live up north in Vermont and all our lakes and ponds are still iced over but April starts trout fishing and bass season starts in May/June (for keepers). My doctor said after the first shot that if it didn't work we might want to consider surgery. Have any of you gone through this before? How did you treat it? If you had surgery how long did recovery take? If I have to have surgery I want to get it done quickly and recover in time for fishing season to begin!!!

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