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A shop near me has a bunch of kayaks on sale as they try to get rid of last year’s models to bring in the new 2018s. I’ve narrowed my search down to the Wilderness Systems Tarpon line. After a demo between the Ride 135 and the Tarpon 140, I liked the Tarpon better. I liked the stability of the Ride, but it was slow. I was also not a fan of the higher seat back on the Ride. 


I’ve heard you can stand in the Tarpon 140, but I forgot to try it. I’m not sure how much standing I’ll be doing, so this may be a mute point. What is more a factor is the paddling distance, 4 miles one way if I go down to the Fellsmere Reservoir and 1-2 miles one way for local lakes in the Orlando area. 


After we got done with the demo, I started looking closer to at the store’s Tarpon line, specifically the 140 and also the 130X that seems to be more fishing specific. The store didn’t have a demo model of the 130X, but they are checking into whether they can get me out on the water in one. The sales guy understands my reluctance as the 130X’s wider than the Ride 135 and a shorter than the Tarpon 140. The seats are in the Ride 135 and Tarpon 130X are similar heights, both taller than the Tarpon 140. The 130X is $150 more, and per the sales guy, has a more comfortable seat for a long day on the water than sitting on the deck and is supposed to be a drier ride. 


For or those who have the Tarpon 130X, is the seat better and the ride drier or is he just trying to get a little more expensive sale? 


How’s the speed of the Tarpon 130X compared to the Tarpon 140 for my longer paddles? 



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