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Dobyns Champion 705C

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I need a new jig rod this year and have narrowed down brands to Dobyns, for reasons such as warranty, customer service, selection, the list goes on. I had been thinking of a Fury model but now I'm thinking of saving some extra $ for the Champion XP. I want a rod that can both skip jigs under docks and flip into light cover (bare spots in sparse lily pads, light milfoil, laydowns). I have a heavier flippin stick for the thick stuff. I'm assuming that the sensitivity will be quite a bit more in the Champion line vs the Fury. Looking for any reviews on the 705 for skipping and flipping. I think a 7' length will serve both purposes well, but should I be looking at going longer? 

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 I own and love that rod. I was fortunate to talk to Gary himself while choosing that rod. I wanted it for a frog rod as well as a jig rod. His best choice for a frog rod was the Champ XP 735C, but once I explained I can not fit a rod over 7 foot in my rod locker he was all in on the 705C.  It has a ton of backbone with but a really nice tip. So if you go that way you will find it fits your needs and gives you an extra benefit as a frog rod. It will handle a heavier caroplina rig as well.

My wife only fishes spinning rods which makes it tough for me to find a rod to really fit some of the heavier duty techniques like frogs and jigs. She fishes a Dobyns Sierra 705SF for her frogs and heavier jigs and it works really well for that to. She has an Irod she fishes her lighter jigs and worms on so both work well together.

I am about to add my fourth Dobyns to our arsenal. I intend to pick up a Champion 683 spinning for finesse baits.

You know the trend today is to use really long rods for everything but I still like top fish some 6', 6'6" and 7 footers for a lot of my fishing.  In close quarters ( docks, boat house, etc) I find the shorter rods work better.



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