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Most versatile Fenwick Lunkerstik casting...73M or 73MH?

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I am looking at buying the most versatile rod in the lineup...from fishing Bandit 200s up to fishing larger Berkley Dredger baits and everywhere in between (including some jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, and chatterbaits).  Any/all help would be appreciated.  Thanks and best wishes on the water!

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Some say a medium/fast is a go to for all-around use, while others might say mh/f - personally, for all around use, I prefer a medium fast rod.  It will function better with lighter lures and rigs, and also be able to manage the other stuff you mentioned.  It won't work as well as a mh rod for heavier lures (especially ones that are heavier than the max lure rating) as there will be too much load on the rod during the cast which can result in poorer cast performance and wear you out after a while.  I wouldn't go higher than 1/2 oz for the medium/fast (although you could push it to 3/4 oz, which is a tad higher than most medium/fast rods are rated for).  


That's my thoughts for an all around rod - however, I would recommend at least having a medium rod and a medium heavy so that you can hit a wider range of lures comfortably.  A medium heavy/moderate fast or similar is better suited for the spinner and chatterbaits, but a medium fast will manage them just fine in my opinion.  

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