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Lakemaster Plus

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Hey Guys,


I just ordered my first bass boat. I have 2 helix's at the console and 1 at the bow. With this being my first bass boat, i was wondering....when I buy the LakeMaster Plus SD cards, do I really need 3? Or can i get away with just one. Im not sure, so any information/suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!

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I don't think Helix units share mapping over ethernet, so if you want mapping on all three units you'll need individual map chips for each one.  The only HB units that share mapping data are the Onix series (and maybe new Solix?)...At least to the best of my knowledge. 


I doubt you'd need 3 though, since you should only need 1 of the console units to have a map chip.  At most you'd need 2 (1 console, 1 bow).  The built in base map might be good enough for you on the bow unit also...So if it were me, I'd start with 1 and only add a second for the bow if I felt I needed it.  I was a HB user up until this year and that's what I did for my setup (map chip in console, base maps for bow, linked via ethernet to share other data).  

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