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Another awesome product discontinued UPDATE

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I went to buy another hummingbird smartcast fish finder. I have the wristwatch screen with the pod you cast out. I contacted hummingbird and it’s been discontinued.  What a loss for shore fisherman. Not only did it find fish it gives the layout of the bottom structure, the depths, were the flats are, where the holes are, the transition areas are. It’s a big help to shore fisherman when there is no topo map for these small bodies of water. Another great tool gone from the shelves. I was able to order new pods for my older smartcast.


the only way to learn about a small body of water is to drill holes when the ice is on and using a weight map out the depths. This smartcast surely saved time when fishing new places.


i owe getting one of the first smart casts to my son he told me that Walmart had them. He bought the first one. Then I purchased another one.

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I got lucky I found some on an auction sight.  I purchased a new one. I have two now. We towed one pod behind the boat very slow and it worked. 


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Found out a problem. The smartcast pod that we cast out has a battery life. Since it’s sealed we can’t change it. Which raises the question of what’s the shelf life of the new pods.



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