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Any experience w St Croix Premier heavy action? (Spinning)

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Im looking for a 2 piece, spinning, heavy action rod that doesn't have an inshore handle on it. I came across the st croix premier heavy/fast and Im really interested. Does anybody have any experience with this rod? Im wondering if it would hold up to casting a 2oz lure (its rated to 1.5oz).


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Ive just messed around with it in store, but nobody else to have first hand experience so Ill offer what I have. First off its stiff. Very stiff. Ive never had the need or thought to cast a 2oz weight so I cant begin to tell you it will handle that. However, the rod does have a rating for a reason (Im sure you know this). With that being said, Im sure lob casting a 2oz lure would be fine, but trying to cast it a long ways would probably not be too good on it.

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Welcome to the forum!


Some forum members might be able to make some helpful suggestions.  What are you planning on using it for throwing that much weight?  Are you looking for something for bass or for fishing inshore?  Are you set on cork handles?  Can you give a little more info?


I purchased a 7' MH Fast for my dad a few years ago built on the same blank as the Premier, and it has a ton of backbone, and he's enjoyed it.  For the $100 range, they're good quality rods still.  I can't say that I've ever really had a need to throw anything that heavy, and I generally use casting gear for most stuff over 1/2 oz.  

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