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Avid X or Megabass Levante?

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I want a rod for throwing 3/8-1/2 oz jigs with small trailers. I'm looking specifically at the Avid X 7ft mhxf and I think the Levante Tour Versatile. Anyone fish both? Opinions? I've already got heavier rods for bigger jigs and heavier cover, just looking for a lighter power set up.

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I’m a MB fan but in this case I’d take the Avid X. The Levantes just haven’t been reviewed as well as other MB offering some, or as well as other rods in that price range. I also personally much prefer cork handles to the Eva. 


I have the Tour Versatile in the Orochi XX series, it’s a heavy powered stick for sure.  It can throw a 3/8 oz jig plus trailer but you’re definitely at the edge of its lower weight capability. It just loads better casting heavier lures then that. Your 1/2 jigs will be right in its wheelhouse. 


All of that said if you really want a Tour Versatile go to The Tackle Trap website or give them a call. They still have the original Orochi XX Tour Versatile for $199 and that’s a steal!

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Can’t comment on the megabass but my dad and myself both have an avid X rods that we love! Mine is a spinning rod paired with a Stradic ci4 2500 that I’ve been using for about a season and I love it. Thinking of getting another in a casting rod. My old mans is a 7’ medium heavy fast action casting rod paired with  tatula sv and it is awesome. Great sensitivity, awesome balance and power. Love these rods

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