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Lake Warren, S.C. Bass Fishing

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To all my fellow bass fisherman in the low country, what are some tips for fishing Lake Warren? I’ve been out twice and only caught one each time. I know it’s a super shallow lake. A gentleman was saying it’s a super hard lake to fish. Any info will be well appedciated, headed back out tomorrow morning.  

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Lake Warren is really hit and miss and the few times I've been there it was mostly miss. One time we rented a jon boat and spent most of the day out there (hot summer day) and we got skunked. The boats they rent don't have anchors and it was a breezy day so I spent more time jogging the boat than fishing.


The park rangers there seem pretty well informed of the fishing conditions, so I would call them and ask about that first. I did not call, but each time I was there I asked the rangers and they told me fishing had been tough lately. They were right about that.


From what I was told the docks and the overpass are usually decent. There's a feeder stream in the northeast area where the rip rap is and that area is supposed to be decent fishing. Moving north along the rip rap in that top corner you will find a lot of laydowns. I tossed frogs and jigs there with no luck, but it sure looks fishy. I'd also try the point on the southwest side of the lake.


Since you've been there already, you know that there are cypress trees throughout making it easy to snag. Next time I head up there I'll probably try some drop shot rigs.


Have you tried fishing the small lagoon next to the big lake? I think I heard they stock that with catfish.


Anyway, my top suggestion is to call the park rangers first and get their feedback before spending a day out there catching nothing.


About an hour away from Lake Warren is Sgt. Jasper Park in Hardeeville. There are a number of decent fishing lagoons there but they are spread out. You'll need to plan on walking a lot or bringing a bike to cover a lot of ground. No fishing license required, but there is a daily fee. Lots of lily pads, so bring your topwater frogs. Since my son has a week off from baseball next weekend we may head that way for the day.





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I actually made my way out there Saturday afternoon (live about 5 min from the lake) 3/24/18 and did alright, caught 2 off the grass and 3 off some stumps in the middle which took forever to find a fish cause there are plenty of stumps out there to fish around. Using a moving bait like a heavy spinner bait or deep diving squarebill and a few other things you can tryout.  But like Koz said it is very hit and miss (mostly miss).  The fishing has really gone down out there the past few years for bass due to a lot of pressure (thats my opinion; its a small lake and alot of people fish it and keep everything they catch) but it holds some big ones, just if you can find them and get them to bite.  Keep trying it out cause there is a good chance to catch a PB out there.

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I went a few weeks back and only had success pitching into trees by the spill off. Those were the only two all day. That lake is really inconsistent, I have fished the pond before but not with any luck. I’ll try it again and punch the pads. 


Yall ever fish at Barnwell State Park?

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