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First impressions Tatula 7'4" HF.

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Two or three weeks ago I was participating in a thread on this rod.  Can't find it on any of the fishing forums I frequent so thought I would post my first impressions here.  So far I haven't been out on a lake with it.  Just getting it set up at a boat ramp.


I have a Curado 201E7 spooled with 60# PP....I think...on it.  Need to check for sure once I get back home.  Reel had been on another rod and was still set with 3 brakes on.  I had tried this rod/reel originally with a 1/2 oz. Booyah HB frog and wasn't impressed with casting distance.  I know it wasn't the reel's fault as it will bomb lures on the right setup.  Shipped it to Florida for use on my vacation.  I had purchased some Koppers middle size (5/8 oz.) Live Target frogs per Bassinlou's suggestion.


Distance was better, but not great.  I started backing off on the brakes.  Spool tension already loose.  Currently one brake on and getting excellent distance...for me.  No backlashes or overruns.  Will have to try the Booyah again.  Stepped outside a few minutes ago and made a few casts.  Paced off at 39 to 40 on each cast.  Bit windy.  Last night was dead calm and may have gotten just a tad more distance.  I feel this isn't too bad for a rod rated 1/2-2 oz.  Maybe I should try adding a little weight inside the frog if I can.  Tatula rods fish a bit heavy to me.


I am just starting to frog fish so just starting to learn how to use one.  I felt I was getting decent movement out of the frog for a first timer.  Was able to twitch the rod and get a little movement from the frog with it pretty much still sitting in the same spot.  I have to say I enjoyed using the frog even though I haven't caught a fish with it yet.  It was nice to throw back into the lily pads and never once have it snag....something I can't do with a worm hooked weedless.  Didn't even have to take any weeds off the hooks.  :teeth:


So far I am really liking this rod.  Not a surprise since I like my other Tatula rods.  :lol:  Should be getting out this coming week and hopefully landing a fish or two on it.


BTW, was taking a nap Friday when my fishing partner called me instead of coming across the street to talk to me.  He went out on his own, and first bite was an 8 lb. 9 oz. Largemouth.  I would have been more excited than he was to see him get it.  Darn.  :(

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