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HMG spin rod for jerkbaits?

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This year I am focusing on getting better at fishing with the jerk bait. I just ordered a 6’ Fenwick HMG rod and was wondering what others think of it as a jerkbait rod. It is a Medium power fast action rod. I wanted a shorter rod as I will be standing at water level (standing in my kayak). 


I am sure everyone that uses a jerkbait has their own ideas but I am just looking to get steered in the right general direction if I got it all wrong. I’ve seen different opinions on rod action. Rod power recommendations seem straight forward at least.


I plan on pairing it up with a smaller reel to make jerking easier work (probably size 20/2000). Maybe one with a faster gear ratio as well.


Any other rod/reel recommendations are welcome as well.

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I have one and I wish I would have got the medium/heavy. I also have the medium and it doesn’t handle jerkbaits or crankbaits that pull a little harder very well. It puts a lot of stress of the rod. Especially in current. I mainly use it for plastics or spinners now

my recommendation is to get a heavier hmg or I now use a med/heavy moderate action St. Croix Bass X for crankbaits and jerkbaits 

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You didn't mention a price point, but either of the Avid XF spinning rods is great for jerkbaits. I use the ML one for pointer 65s and 78s. If you think 6'8" is too long, you can jerk down and to the side instead of straight down.


I prefer longer rods, because the lakes I fish are very clear, and I want to maximize casting distance in order to avoid spooking fish.

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