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I have a 18.6 Triton with no jack plate. I was thinking of putting a Hydrofoil on to plane out faster and at slower speeds? What do you guys think- pro’s and cons and what is the one to buy?

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I have a similar setup an 18 ft Procraft no jack plate and I added a foil. My reasons were the same as yours as well as get a bigger sweet spot. Running half throttle on plane my boat was either porpoising or pushing water unless you had it trimmed just right and any changes to speed meant making trim adjustments. Now I can run on plane from 23mph and up and not make near as many adjustments. They say they decrease top end speed but I haven't noticed much. Maybe 1 or 2 mph but the boat still runs 60 and that's plenty for me

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I just ordered a Chris Bailey foil from CB Marine Designs in Louisiana. I read about them on another forum and they look awesome and can be completely customized for the colour of motor etc. There’s a thread on that site where there’s over 10000 views and it’s all super good comments about his foils. My boat is a bit sluggish when there’s a couple extra people and a full livewell, and wants to porpoise a bit with the extra weight at lower speeds, but my prop is setup perfectly for wot when there’s only one or two people in the boat ( which is about 90% if he time), so I only need that little bit of help now and again. From what I’ve read, there wasn’t one time someone lost any top speed with his foil because it’s completely out of the water once your up on plane.  

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