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Spinnerbait / Buzzbait rod length

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I am planning to purchase a new rod to use for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and vibrating jigs. Wondering if anyone uses a rod longer than 7' for these? I was planning to get the Legend Tournament Sweeper Spinnerbait model which is 7' MH/MF, but they also have a Pitching/Light Flipping model that is 7'6" MH/MF. So I'm debating getting the longer rod which has the same power and action so that I could use it for pitching as well as spinners and buzzes. Will this work or will it be too long for the spinnerbaits?

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I use a 6'10" and a 7'2" rod for spinnerbaits (somewhat depending on the weight as well). I like the 7'2" length the best unless I'm on a canoe with my kids, which can be a little more difficult to cast with or around trees or low hanging branches.


There is no reason you couldn't use a 7'6" rod. It will have its advantages as well, as the longer rod will yield better casting distances which can be beneficial with moving baits. The downside is it might be a little tricker to drop the spinnerbait in your target area without making a larger splash, but in some areas you can simply cast past your target if you know where the fish are.

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