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I've fished my whole life, but it wasn't until about 2 years ago that I really started trying to learn better technique and pay attention to my setups and what they were best suited for. Ran into a little spending money for my birthday this year, so I'm seriously considering a new setup and would love some suggestions. Right now I've got a 7' MH/F Berkley Cherrywood paired with a Lew's Speed Spool 7.1:1, a 7' MH/F Jimmy Houston rod (bought used) paired with a 7.1:1 Abu Garcia Promax and a 6'6" Tournament Choice M/Moderate paired with a 6.4:1 of the same brand, picked those up from academy in a pinch. Primarily I use the 7' rods, mainly Texas rigs, buzzbaits and some mid-sized swim baits. My question is where do you guys think I should go next? I can use the 6'6" for my topwaters and anything with trebles, but I would like to setup another combo for either treble hooked baits or get a longer, H/F rod for flipping/pitching heavier Texas rigs and jigs. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to answer any questions there might be! If you guys have suggestions that would be awesome, or if you think I should go a different route, let me know! I'd really like to keep the price around $150 at the high end, but there is a little wiggle room.

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Welcome aboard!

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Thank you!

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