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Travel/portable protection options for rod and reel?

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Last year I bought an expensive (for me at least, $200) baitcast reel and 7 foot pole combo set. For my job from time to time I may have to to kill and hour or two waiting around on customers so I want to keep my rod and a small tackle box in the van. Problem is I have a lot of loose items that can sway and move around a bit and I do not just want to leave it back there and get it all scratched up or the eyelets destroyed. I'm looking for a fairly cheap option to protect my rod and reel. I would consider hard and soft options.


I thought about a PVC pipe but it was going to be very pricey and have to be extremely wide to also get around my reel. (I'd rather not have to take the reel off then put it back on all the time.) I've seen some guys have a black "sock-like" netting option but I have to think some of you guys have some ideas or have ran into similar situations and found something you like.



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If it's a one piece rod then pvc tubing is pretty cheap, just cut out a section for the reel to fit (with the reel sitting outside the tube and get a reel cover made of neoprene). Probably $25 all in. 


If it's a two piece lots of padded cases available. 

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Get some strong magnets and some Velcro strapping and stick your combo to the wall or roof of the van?


My my old car had a really raspy headliner and I would Velcro a small UL combo to it.   

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