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Moderate fast rod for lures in the 0.75-1.5 oz range?

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Considering getting a moderate-fast to moderate rod for throwing larger crankbaits for bass such as the KVD 8.0 magnum (1-1/8), and super spooks (7/8 oz).


Might also want to use it for somewhat larger baits such as the Rapala Super Shad Rap, for stripers.


I'm hoping to stay under about $100.


Any recommendations for rods meeting these criteria?  

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I have a *** made by the number company that we can't talk about, that really excels in that weight range. It's a 7'9" moderate rated from 1/2-2oz. I think I picked it up for like $105 during one of the TW sales. Only thing I dislike is the rear grip is a little short. Otherwise, it's a beast.

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I also found the following rods in the $110 and under range:


Enigma sells a 7'-10" "MH" cranking rod that's rated for 3/4 to 1-1/2 oz baits.  


Abu Garcia has numerous rods in that category, considering numerous versions of the Veritas that runs up to about $120.


I found an inexpensive ($60) Vengeance H (mod-fast) @ 7'-6" rated 1/2 to 2 oz.


Interested in any thoughts on these rods as well.

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