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Brad in Texas

Lake Athens, TX report

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It was windy today, blowing hard even very early; but, I decided to go ahead and fish in the cove I live on. 


My normal spots were not producing so I went to a retaining wall with deeper water that is almost a sure thing for me, then started getting bitten very fast. I had 6 or so in the canoe within a short time. Two were close to 4 lbs., two more in the 2 lbs. range, a few small ones over a pound but not much.


A neighbor on land and I started to chat, I hooked up while we were talking, then continued to talk and dropped my hook into the water with the Keitech shad plastic knocked up the line about 3 feet by the last bass. All of a sudden, I had a tug, and caught another bass on an empty hook. My neighbor really believed me then when I said the fishing was really good.


Recommendation: Toss a 4" Keitech Easy Shiner or Shad Impact on a 4/0 Roboworm Rebarb hook, Texas Rigged. Throw it weightless unless you are fishing deeper. Toss it out and let it fall through the water column like an injured or dying shad. If not bitten, just retrieve it any number of ways but small jerks and lifts and falls seem best to me. It also works great for schooling bass but there I prefer the little 3" Shad Easy Shiner on a 1/0 Rebarb hook. It is so light, I throw mine on 2 lbs. braid (Suifx Nanobraid) and I caught one really close to 6 lbs. just a few days ago. Over 21". 


Today, a few photos.





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