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Has anyone compared the cashion or John crews cashion vs the Dobyns Sierra. I believe sierra is lower price but from what I hear it over performs price point.

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I have fished them both and own the Sierra. They both fish very well and I don't think you can go wrong with either. I just personally can not stand how many threads are left on the reel seat after you mount a reel on a Cashion. This is the same reason I don't care for the Falcon Bucco which is likely the best 100 dollar rod on the market. I also don't care for the location of the hook keeper on the Cashion. Now all that being said the Cashion I fished was a more sensitive blank.


One thing I really like about both of them is that they are slightly slower actions. I think the industry as a whole is trying to make the fastest action rods possible, and I personally think that is a mistake.

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I just got a Cashion in my hands last night from the TW 4th sale and I'm impressed. First the good. The cashion has a very sensitive blank, especially for the price. I have been fishing with only Dobyns champions for a number of years now and the Cashion was more sensitive at $70 less. The bad. The Cashion is not nearly as balanced as the Dobyns which I quickly noticed. It's not horrible but I think I have been spoiled by fishing Dobyns for a while now in that respect. There aren't many reviews on Cashion rods but at least from what I have seen most of them on the forums here are not in favor of them. Granted this is my first rod from them but I have to disagree. It's very good for the price from what I can tell. If you're looking for pure sensitivity, the Cashion rivals rods much more expensive than it. If you're looking for less strain while fishing, the Dobyns is the way to go. I also can't really comment on durability but the Dobyns have held up well for me.

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