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Custom XI5 Ipilot Remote Harness mount system

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So ive owned the ipilot , and i know have the XI5.  if you have a trolling motor with a remote you may have found it annoying trying to find a good way for it to hang off your body. The necklace system always gets in your way when you have to bend down (frequently in bass fishign) to pick something up.  The clip to your belt loop system is annoying because its hard to find the remote sometimes. Both of these systems have one thing in common that sucks, to use the remote you have to reach down or look down to find your remote, and that takes your hand away from your rod.  


Solution:   GoPro Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts Support system  and attach one of those to the back of your trolling motor remote. Now your remote can be mounted to any of the go pro harnesses.  I use the chest harness and my XI5 remote is mounted dead center on my chest. You can use the sportsman mount which would mount the remote directly to your rod.  Your you could use the wrist mount and mount the remote to your wrist.  Im too lazy to post a photo, but trust me this is the best system.  so much easier when you know exactly that the remote will be in the same spot.  


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