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Weightless plastic skipping rod

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Hey All, 


I seem to be skipping weightless plastics a lot.   I prefer to do this with a baitcaster as I have more power to pull them out of where I skip (docks, laydowns, bushes etc.).   I am looking for a rod with enough tip to help skip then a nice transition to some backbone.  I know Daiwa makes a skipping rod, but it seems made more for jigs etc.   Andy Montgomery describes it as 20% tip and 80% backbone.   I already have a rod I skip heavier weights with.   I am currently using a 6'9" medium power, but would like a 7' - 7'2".   Would like a MH if it has enough tip to it, otherwise a medium with maybe a little more power.   


Please let let me know if you have an idea.   I would like to keep this around $150 or so if possible.  


Thanks in advance!



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The Zodias 72M is pretty beefy for a medium and I have used it to skip wightless wacky 6 inch Stick-Os and 5 inch Stick-Os with 1/8 oz flick shake heads.  It's a mod fast but it loads well and is super versatile.  My only complaint was that it was a little long at 7'2" and would barely clear the console on a roll cast to skip.  I currently use a Zodias 610ML and a Steez Skyray 68ML to skip docks and they have plenty of power for me and allow me to skip even lighter baits like Ned rigs, finesse worms on flick shake heads, ect

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Thanks bait finesse, I will certainly look into those rods.  I am 6'3" so I may be able to try the 7'2" rod.  The 6'9" I am using is too short for my comfort.  It is hard to know what a rod is like without holding them and feeling that bend.  I don't have a place around there that carries many bass rods. 

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