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Not Quite a Hawg

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With my son back in school and me coaching fall baseball I have not had much time to fish lately. But I had an hour or so of some free time early this evening and went to a small lagoon that I've fished a few times in the past. It's one of the lagoons that you can traverse quickly and along most of the length can cast from one side to the other. There are two large inlet pipes, one of which connects to a much larger lagoon and one to a third lagoon.


There's usually bass hanging out around the inlets, and although I haven't caught any large bass there in the past I have caught a few 3 and 4 pounders. Anyway, I fish a few lures and get no bites, so I throw on a 5 inch Yum Dinger and after a few casts I feel the faintest rat-a-tat-tat as my bait gets a few inches inches from shore and I'm in the midst of lifting me line out of the water.


And that's when I see it. There's a two and a half inch fingerling bass that latched onto the side of my 5 inch worm! Talk about a predatory instinct. His mouth was so small he couldn't stay latched on to the worm and he laded in the grass. Needless to say I returned him to the water.


Unfortunately for me, that was the only strike I had all day. I still chuckle at the fact this little 2 1/2" fingerling bass nailed the side of a worm twice his size.

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This helps for days like that😉


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