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Ralph Nicholas Vito

Been looking into either an IBobber (pulse or kracken or ibobber original) or a Deeper

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Anyone use these as depth and or fish finders and have you had any success with them?


deeper is obviously extremely expensive but if it's worth the price i might go for it


any suggestions ?


also what is the difference between the IBobber Pulse and IBobber original AND ibobber kracken? like is there any major differences that makes one better than the other 2 ?

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I have a deeper and I don't use it often.  A few reasons: 


1. When casting, the splashdown effect is like a meteorite crashing into the lake.

2. The consequences of losing it are high.  If I'm not prepared to swim for it (most of the time), I'm reluctant to throw it.

3.  You really want to have a dedicated rod with 65 lb test or other high strength line on it.  I've used an ugly stik for this purpose.

4. Have to keep your phone out and handy and possibly wet.


On the other hand:


1. The newer generation ones seem to work well - nice clear images, accurate data.

2. Easy to grab and go, and cast out to probe all around you if in a small boat.


So, I've used them primarily for getting a feel for the depths of a small pond, when I am in a jon boat, and they have done a great job at that. That said, if I were to use a small boat routinely, I'd probably get a more sophisticated dedicated fishfinder.


I would recommend getting one, but just keep in mind the drawbacks are not insignificant.

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