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Curious About 20+ Yr Old Round Mitchell Baitcaster

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So I picked up a dinged up but otherwise unused round Mitchell baitcaster for $15-20 at an outdoors show in the late 90's, put it away and never used it but carried it with me ever since. Came upon it the other day, cleaned it, and was wondering if it would be worth a spin. The funny thing is, I couldn't find any information about the model online. It says "AT 300" on one sideplate and references Mitchell and "Advanced Tackle Systems" on the other. I've never heard of "Advanced Tackle Systems" and was wondering if this was some collaboration promo model they did with Mitchell. I spooled it up today and it's surprisingly smooth...a little noisy on the cast, but I think this has a lot to do with the super cheap, terrible memory, super thick, 15lb WalMart Omniflex I spooled it with. Better than average distance, and very quiet, smooth retrieve. 6.1:1 "Power Retrieve" Gear Ratio, 3 Bearings, no magnetic brakes and what appears to be 4 centrifugal brakes that cannot be adjusted. Just 4 small bits of plastic that slide out on 4 metal prongs when casting. There is a "Korea" stamp on the bottom of the rod mount. Anyone have any information on this reel? Schematics, manual, dating, review, original cost, anything? 

reel 2.jpg



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It looks cool, and to me, somewhat reminiscent of an abu Garcia round reel. 


Regrettably, I know nothing about this reel. 

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