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Whitehall Parkway, Whitehall,PA

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I was checking out various rail-trails online and found Whitehall Park/Ironton rail-trail in Whitehall PA and notices some ponds on the map near the trail. Anybody in that area know anything about those ponds? If I take the trip in the spring I was just wondering if I should bring my fishin' pole?  

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@Gundog I haven’t been in this section of the forum in a while or I would have answered you sooner!  I live in one of the developments within walking distance of the Ironton rail trail.  Unfortunately, the ponds you are seeing are either fenced in quarries or private fishing clubs that own and stock their quarry.  The only public pond I have luck with in this area is Johnson’s pond which is great for numbers.  However, I have yet to catch a bass over 2lbs there.  Most are less than 1lb.  That being said, Coplay creek does run right next to the rail trail and I see kids catching small trout from time to time.


When I feel the need to get out and do some quick bank fishing in this area, I take the short drive to the D&L rail trail and fish along the Lehigh river.  This provides far better numbers and quality than the ponds in the area.

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@PAbasser927 Thanks for the info. Come spring I'll check out the D&L rail trail. 

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