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Mike Boitnott

Fall Trout Fishing Recommendations Northern VA

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Anyone have any recommendations for Fall Trout fishing in Virginia? Looking for Stream fishing along the Northern I-81 area, I hear Mint Springs is really good right now but I would rather fish a stream if possible.

Thanks in advance for the help, <><

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Big Stony west of Edinburg is a decent stocked trout option.  I think it was stocked last week or week before.  If you want wild brookies, check in the Park on a topo map for small streams.  Almost any decent sized small stream will hold em.

https://www.dgif.virginia.gov/fishing/trout-stocking-schedule/ will give you stocking and there is a link to a stocking map of all the stocked rivers.  As always, pay close attention to regs.  Park regs often differ from stocked water and you'll need a National Forest permit if you venture into a National Forest.



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Brother, Big Stoney looks absolutely wonderful!  I will be researching the area in depth.  Is there any campgrounds close to fishing that you may recommend or remember?  Just have a small pull behind, it would be awesome to have the ability to stay a couple days and fish until the hearts content Lol...  If there is such a thing! 

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head west down towards harrisonburg and go to the George Washington national Forest.  There are tons of native streams and a few spring creeks too.  I love fishing mossy creek outside of bridgewater but i know they had some massive flooding so not sure exactly the status.  If you do go for Brookies, give them another week or so at least to make sure they are done spawning.  All this rain, from what my friends have told me, have really messed things up and you don't want to add to the problems.

there is a great fly shop in harrisonburg, http://mossycreekflyfishing.com that can get you pointed in the right direction.

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