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Piedmont Lake

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As you all know, I received my new rod from Dobyns (a DC 734C F/H) and wanted to take it for a test-drive today.  I decided to spool it up with some Seaguar InvisX 10# because I was going to use the Megabass Vision 110 in Elegy Bone due to the cooler water temps.  I also took my brother's inflatable pontoon boat so I could hopefully get out and where the fish were if I couldn't get them from the shore.




I started over near the dam as that was the easiest access for the pontoon boat.  After about 15min I got it inflated and assembled and got out on the water.  One problem - it was very windy and we don't have an anchor for it.  So after about 10min of being blown around into the dam, I decided I'd had enough of the pontoon boat and put it back in the Jeep.






After that, you can see I went over to the Rest Area and parked and walked down the hill to fish from that shore along Rt. 22.  Turns out that hill is a lot steeper than it looks and quite wet from the recent rain.  lol


So I worked my way along the shore, first trying a black/blue 3/8oz jig with a YUM grey/orange craw trailer with no luck and then tried the 6th Sense 80X in Baby Bluegill.


For the most part, it was too windy to really get much of a cast for distance.






After a couple hours of nothing, I just sat back in my chair and figured I'd try and wait out the wind.  In the calmer parts, I could see little fish hitting the surface consistently and in the same spots.  To my right waaaaay off, I saw massive splashes.  Unfortunately, I had no way to get to them.


After the wind died down a bit, I waited to see if any fish would strike the surface closer to shore so I'd have a chance.  About 20min later, an absolutely MASSIVE disturbance occurred about 20ft off shore right in front of me.  I immediately got up and went to the shore and cast the 6th Sense lure out.

On the third cast, I hooked into "The one that got away".  I have no clue how big it was, but it hit the lure about 50ft out.  The line went tight, I set the hook and the rod bent.  I put the rod tip high and started reeling in, but it wasn't getting any closer.  All of a sudden, it started pulling out my drag in long pulls.  I was flabbergasted - I'd tightened down the drag because I'd snagged the lure and had to man-handle it free.


With the 10# InvisX, I had to have had at least 7lbs of drag and it was pulling it out like it was nothing.  I managed to fight it back to shore about 30ft out when I saw a boil and... the lure came flying out of the water.  


I was furious.  


I never did see that fish to find out what it was.  But man.  I was prepared for it - I had the scale with me today AND I bought a Golden Rule at WalMart.  








Long story short, that was the sole bite I got today.  Got out there around 1pm and headed home at 6:30pm.


I didn't get to use the Megabass Vision 110 much because it's GOD d**n TREBLE HOOKS INSIST ON PENETRATING EVERY GOD d**n THING.  I managed to get it hooked into my backpack and couldn't find the pliers to pull it out.  Now it's treble hooked into the backpack and my foldable chair.  I'm fed up with the d**n thing.


The Dobyns rod on the other hand was absolutely incredible.  I was easily able to feel out the structure on the bottom with the jig - lots of tree branches and rocks.  When the wind died down and I tried the Whopper Plopper, that thing bombed a mile.  I was impressed.  Weight was perfect and balance was right on - I didn't feel any fatigue while fishing at all.  


So, thanks for checking in and here's to next time!  Maybe I'll catch something.

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